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Recent Blog Posts and Media Appearances

3/20/17 – Quoted in Working Mother:
5 Ways To Bust Your Guilt In Those ‘Mommy Screwed Up’ Situations

3/15/17 – Dr. Friendtastic – new website with fun and useful friendship advice for kids is LIVE!

3/12/17 – Quoted in Parents magazine:
Common Time Out Mistakes

3/6/17 – Interviewed on WTOP with Veronica Robinson:, Should emotions be taught in school?
Should emotions be taught in school?

2/3/17 – Interviewed on WTOP with Veronica Robinson:
Daycare’s message to parents: “Get off your phone!”

2/1/17 Quoted in Parents magazine:
Managing Morning Mayham and Winning Bedtime Battles

11/10/16 – New article on Parents.com:
Hate Did Not Trump Love This Election Day

12/7/16 – Quoted in Us Weekly:
Brad and Angelina custody battle

10/12/16 – New post on PBS Parents:
Encouraging Optimism in Children

9/30/16 – New post on Psychology Today:
The Roots of Social Justice – Kids’ Responses to Inequality

9/27/16 – New post on PBS Parents:
What To Do When Your Child Does Something Mean

9/24/16 – New post on Psychology Today:
Suicide in Children: What Every Parent Must Know

9/11/16 – Quoted on NJ.com:
15 Years Later: A New Generation Inherits the Mantle of 9/11



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