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11/10/16 – New article on Parents.com:
Hate Did Not Trump Love This Election Day

10/12/16 – New post on PBS Parents:
Encouraging Optimism in Children

9/30/16 – New post on Psychology Today:
The Roots of Social Justice – Kids’ Responses to Inequality

9/27/16 – New post on PBS Parents:
What To Do When Your Child Does Something Mean

9/24/16 – New post on Psychology Today:
Suicide in Children: What Every Parent Must Know

9/11/16 – Quoted on NJ.com:
15 Years Later: A New Generation Inherits the Mantle of 9/11

8/15/16 – Quoted on Healthline.com:
Back-to-School Healthy Habits for Children

8/13/16 – New post on Psychology Today:
Celebrating Over One Million Views on Growing Friendships!

8/5/16 – Quoted in The Chicago Tribune:
What to Do When Your Kid Breaks Up With a Close Friend

8/4/16 – Quoted in The Chicago Tribune:
Parents Are Making More Friends Than Ever After Baby

7/18/16 – Quoted in Today’s Parent (Canada):
How to Help Your Kids Make Friends

7/11/16 – Quoted in Real Simple:
5 Types of Gossip (and How to Deal With It).


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