Books by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD

Best-selling books by Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore focus on parenting and children’s feelings and friendships. Her books for parents and children have been translated into 10 languages and are available wherever books are sold.

Feelings and Friendship Books for Children

Child Development Course for Parents

Raising Emotionally and Socially Healthy Kids

Mini-Guides for Parents

Don’t have time to read a full-length book? Dr. Friendtastic's mini-guides for parents offer straight-to-the-point help for common challenges related to children's feelings and friendships. Each mini-guide is an e-book with ten quick tips to address your most pressing parenting concerns. 

Academic Work:

Audio-video series for parents plus book and articles for mental health professionals

Expressing Emotion
National Geographic English Language Teaching Curriculum
Academic Papers

Child Development Books by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD

Children are constantly growing and changing, and child development looks different for different kids.

Get the information you need to support your child's social-emotional learning, from a source you can trust. Dr. Kennedy-Moore offers practical, research-based insights in a warm and engaging style.

Whether she's writing for children or adults, Dr. Kennedy-Moore's books are entertaining, useful, and grounded by both science and her clinical experience as a practicing psychologist working with adults, children, and families. Discover practical ideas to help you understand, communicate with, and guide your child.