ISBN: 978-1-58270-589-7 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-58270-588-0 (Paperback)

Growing Friendships A Kids' Guide to making and Keeping Friends

By Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD  & Christine McLaughlin
(Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster)
For kids ages 6-12

A funny and useful guide to help children navigate the social world. Filled with cartoons and research-based tips.

“The secret playbook you’ll wish you’d had when you were growing up.”

— Diane Debrovner, executive editor, Parents magazine

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Part 1: Reaching Out to Make Friends

Part 2: Stepping Back to Keep Friends

Part 3: Blending In to Join Friends

Part 4: Speaking Up to Share With Friends

Part 5: Letting Go to Accept Friends


Praise from reviewers

"Combining real-life examples, attractive cartoon illustrations, and humorous commentary from a snarky cat and a friendly dog, this upbeat effort provides ample useful advice....A fun handbook for any child who has ever wanted another friend but been uncertain how to accomplish that." -Kirkus

Praise from experts

“Growing Friendships is the secret playbook you’ll wish you’d had when you were growing up. It’s packed with clever strategies that help kids handle the awkward, upsetting, and confusing social situations that happen to everyone. The fun cartoons make the advice light-hearted and easy to swallow.” - Diane Debrovner, deputy editor, Parents magazine

“Funny, practical, and not at all preachy—Growing Friendships offers spot-on, research-based friendship advice for girls AND boys. Highly recommended! This must-read book is the Google Maps to friendship that every kid needs.” - Michele Borba, author, Unselfie

“Practical examples, real-life solutions, and playful humor make Growing Friendships a great resource. This insightful guide can help kids become competent problem solvers, cope with common social challenges, develop empathy, and build strong friendships.” - Tina Payne Bryson, PhD, coauthor, The Whole-Brain Child

“This book is so important! All children face friendship challenges at some point and Growing Friendships offers kids real help—and enough giggles to make the messages fun and memorable.” - Amy McCready, author, The “Me, Me, Me” Epidemic

“Some kids intuitively know how to make and manage friendships. Most don’t. Growing Friendships is a kid-friendly guide that uses simple language, engaging illustrations, and humor to help girls AND boys master the mysteries of social interaction.” - Jennifer L.W. Fink, founder,

“Growing Friendships is profound and subtle, clear and humorous. Anyone, of any age, who reads it will benefit.” - Wendy Mogel, PhD, author, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee

Praise from readers

"With direct text and humorous asides from a scheming cat and a thoughtful dog, this book offers clear examples and opportunities to help children manage the rough seas of gaining and losing friends or to distinguish between, say, bullying and simple disagreements. As a tutor, I will pair this with fictional works that involve friendships..." —Anita, GoodReads

This is a FABULOUS book that clearly explains simple strategies kids can use to both initiate friendships and be more aware of their "friendship busting" behaviors. With clever cartoons and simple text, Kennedy-Moore and McLaughlin break down simple social tips kids can use to both make and retain friends. “ —Audrey M., Amazon