Kid Confidence

ISBN: 978-1-68403-049-1  (Paperback)

Kid Confidence Help Your Child Make Friends, Build Resilience, and Develop Real Self-Esteem

By Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD
(New Harbinger)
For parents

Help children break free of harsh self-focus by connecting with something bigger than themselves.

“This one is a game changer.”

— Dawn Huebner, PhD, author, Outsmarting Worry


Chapters Include:

  • Why telling our children they're wonderful doesn't build real self-esteem...and what does.
  • "Why are you always yelling at me?"
  • When your child reacts intensely to parental correction.
  • "Nobody likes me!" - When your child feels friendless.
  • "I can't do it! I quit!" - When your child gives up easily.
  • "I can't decide!" - When your child feels trapped by indecision.
  • Real self-esteem and the joys of a quiet ego.


Praise from reviewers

"A wise and realistic program for instilling genuine self-esteem in children."—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Praise from experts

Kid Confidence is packed with surprising and realistic advice about how we can help kids stop worrying about if they are good enough. In her uniquely wonderful way, Kennedy-Moore also gives us the confidence to handle any parenting challenge.”—Diane Debrovner, deputy editor at Parents magazine

“In her warm, accessible style, Eileen Kennedy-Moore has turned conventional thinking about self-esteem on its head. Speaking directly to parents, and to anyone who works with or cares about children, Kid Confidence makes a compelling argument for turning away from frantic attempts to pump up our children’s self-esteem. Instead, Kennedy-Moore lays out a plan to address the need for connection, competence, and choice—three critical factors at the heart of a ‘quiet ego.’ It is possible to dive into any one chapter and emerge armed with practical suggestions. Better yet, read the whole book. This one is a game-changer.”—Dawn Huebner, PhD, psychologist, parent coach, and author of Outsmarting Worry

“An exciting alternative to most books about self-esteem. Eileen Kennedy-Moore helps parents boost their child’s skills in the critical areas of making friends, making choices, and mastering the ups and downs of the learning process. ;Every parent, grandparent, and school counselor can benefit from the specific tips and guidance in this book. Wise, compassionate, and grounded in the latest research, Kid Confidence delivers on its promise to help children develop authentic confidence.”—Meg Selig, NCC, a retired counselor, and author of Changepower!

Not just another parenting book! Eileen Kennedy-Moore relies on solid research to reveal why much of what we’ve been taught about raising self-confident children is actually counterproductive. Kid Confidence offers a wealth of wisdom and practical strategies aimed at helping parents succeed at instilling their children with authentic self-esteem through reducing self-focus and harsh self-judgment.”—Mary K. Alvord, PhD, psychologist, and coauthor of Conquer Negative Thinking for Teens and Resilience Builder Program for Children and Adolescents

Praise from readers

“This information packed book presents material in an easy-to-understand way and was so full of tips, I had to get a pack of page stickies to mark as a I went along--and that was just in the first few chapters.” -- Paine W., Amazon

“I LOVE THIS BOOK. As I'm sure is true for many, I have never quite understood what "self-esteem" means, and I've certainly never known how to foster it in my kids. This book clearly explains the concept of self-esteem and provides dozens of approaches (some of them surprising) that help parents engage with kids and respond to challenging situations in a thoughtful, nurturing way.” --MWM, Amazon