What's my child thinking?

ISBN:978-1-46547-937-2 (Paperback)

What’s My Child Thinking? Practical Child Psychology for Modern Parents

By Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD (contributing editor) & Tanith Carey 
(Dorling Kindersley)
For parents

At-a-glance tips for common parenting dilemmas with kids ages 2-7.

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Chapters include:

  • Milestones: 2-7 years
  • No! No! No!
  • It's not fair!
  • I had a bad dream
  • She's my best friend

Praise from reviewers

“Parents will welcome this friendly, supportive guide.” Booklist Online

Praise from readers

It’s super easy to skim and covers just everything you’d need to know about toddlers and beyond.” —Leeroy J., Amazon

“Each page has a typical question a child asks and examines the caregiver's gut reaction, the child's motivation along with answers that are well thought out and help both caregiver and child grown to respect and love each other.”  —Dave G., Amazon