Latest Past Events

Friendship Skills – FOR KIDS!

By popular request... Here's a webinar to help children ages 6-12 learn to make friends, keep friends, and be a good friend!


Friendship in the Digital Age

Recording of Dr. Eileen's presentation in front of a LIVE audience: The internet and electronic media are changing how kids play and how they communicate. What does that mean for friendship? This presentation looks at three forms of digital interaction that have parallel behaviors in the real world but also differ in important ways from…


Kid Confidence: Help Your Child Build Real Self-Esteem

Directly trying to improve children’s self-esteem tends to backfire. The more we tell self-doubting kids, “You’re wonderful!”, the harder they argue, “I’m terrible!” In this recorded webinar, Dr. Eileen addresses common self-esteem challenges: feeling friendless, giving up easily, and struggling with feeling different. You'll learn practical ways to help your child develop genuine confidence by…