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Kids Ask Dr. Friendtastic podcast 

Each 5-minute episode features an audio recording of a question from a kid and an answer from "Dr. Friendtastic." Newsletter subscribers receive episodes first, sent right to their email, along with a transcript and discussion questions to explore the topics more deeply with your child.

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Send in your child's question about friendship

Does your child have a question about friendship they want Dr. Friendtastic to answer? Adults, use your smartphone's memo function or an audio app to record your child's question. Please hold the phone close to your child's mouth to make sure the recording is clear. Have your child state:

1) their FIRST NAME  (or another name),

2) their AGE, and

3) a BRIEF QUESTION or concern about friendship. (Please do not mention any friends' names.)

Email the audio file to DrF [at] EileenKennedyMoore.com. I’ll answer as many kid questions as I can. (Obviously, this is not psychotherapy, and it’s not for emergency situations.)

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