Articles by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD About COVID

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When Friends Have Different Family Rules for COVID-19

Differences in families’ pandemic rules create friendship challenges for kids. Here’s a way to understand those differences.

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Handling Political Disagreements in the Family

It’s tempting to steer clear of political topics with loved ones who have different views, but these conversations are possible and can even be useful.

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Finding a Less Awkward Socially-Distant Greeting

Finding a Less Awkward Socially-Distant Greeting

There’s an awkwardness to greeting people we care about in a socially distant way. Here are some alternatives.

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Top 5 Parent Concerns about Kids Wearing Masks

Having to make their children wear masks worries many parents. Here are five top concerns and ways to address them.

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When—Not If—You Lose It with Your Child During Coronavirus

While you certainly didn’t intend those imperfect parenting moments, they’re actually an important opportunity to teach your child about relationship repair.

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Helping Lonely Children During the Coronavirus Pandemic

After months of social distancing, many kids are feeling very, very lonely. Here are some ideas to help your child feel more connected.

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How to Love the Ones You’re with During Coronavirus

We love our families, but constant confinement puts a strain on everyone’s nerves. Here are some ways to get along during coronavirus.

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Coping with Worries About the Coronavirus

The headlines are scary. The uncertainty is worse. How can you manage your anxiety about the coronavirus?

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