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The Limits of #MentalHealth Content

Online mental health content can have benefits and downsides.

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Top 5 Texting Mistakes Kids Make

By talking about some of the common texting pitfalls, you may be able to help your kid avoid them.

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Is Your Child Addicted to Screens?

Is Your Child Addicted to Screens?

How can you tell if your child’s screen use is a problem? What can you do to help your child be smart about online activity?

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Is Cyberbullying Overrated?

Cyberbullying involves using electronic communication to intimidate and harass someone. A key research claims it’s an overrated phenomenon because it’s less commong than in-person bullying. However, because cyberbullying so public and so easily spread, it can be devastating.

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Teen Sexting in Perspective

Is sexting really “the new normal” among teens? Here’s what research says plus some practical ideas for parents.

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The Truth About Violent Video Games and Kids, Part 1

Fans insist, “I’ve played lots of violent video games and haven’t murdered anyone!” Here’s what parents should know about the effects—and non-effects—of violent video games.

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The Truth About Violent Video Games and Kids, Part 2

How can we understand the appeal of violent video games for kids and how should parents respond?

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Are You a Distracted Parent?

Are You a Distracted Parent?

How NOT to phone it in as a parent: Our smart phones and tablets can pull us away from being present to our children. On the other hand, constantly staring at our kids in rapture is neither realistic nor desirable.

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