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How we respond to others' mistakes can hurt or strengthen our relationships. (photo credit: Jared_1103/pixabay)

A One-Syllable Word That Can Improve Your Relationships

This simple word can take the sting out of criticism and help you be more caring.

Photo Credit: How we respond to others' mistakes can hurt or strengthen our relationships. (photo credit: Jared_1103/pixabay)

When Coping Well Is Costly

Ongoing efforts to cope well in difficult circumstances can take a toll.

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When You… Also Struggle With Making Friends

There is an advantage for parents who share their children’s social challenges: they can serve as excellent role models for their children.

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When You… Lose Your Temper With Your Child

Us adults must be on time and complete tasks. When kids live in the moment, they don’t want to put their shoes on or stop. We love our children, but sometimes they’re hard to live with!

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When You… Don’t Like Your Child’s Friend

You may be tempted to just forbid your child from playing with this kid, but another part of you may recognize that this might not be the best idea.

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How to Resist Competitive Parenting

At its worst, competitive parenting says to kids, “You need to achieve in order to prove that I’m a good parent.” Here’s how to resist getting pulled into that game.

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What’s My Child Thinking?

Children are not just short adults. They think about things in qualitatively different ways than adults do. These differences can be delightful, baffling, or exasperating.

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What’s the Hardest Stage of Parenting

Can you guess which stage of parenting research says has the lowest average level of parenting satisfaction for moms?

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Mother’s Intuition: Do You Have It?

Does intuitive parenting exist? Can “gut feelings” guide us to raise our children well?

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Preventing Mom Meltdowns and Dad Detonations

As much as we love our children, we’ve all had moments of feeling exasperated with them. Here’s what you can do when you feel like you’re ready to explode.

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