Articles by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD About Stress, Anxiety, and Perfectionism

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When Your Child… Is Afraid to Do Activities

It’s always easier to make a plan when we have an idea of what to expect.

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Becoming Brave: Help Your Child Move Past Fear

Becoming Brave: Help Your Child Move Past Fear

Bravery doesn’t mean fearlessness. It means doing something even though we’re scared. To become brave, children need to learn to tolerate feeling scared and not let fear hold them back.

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The Danger of Telling Kids “Do Your Best”

Some kids hear “Do your best” messages as “Do the best job you can possibly imagine!” Here are some problems with that message and an alternative.

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Why Grit Is Overrated

Promoting grit as a key to success raises both practical and philosophical concerns.

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Coping with Worries About the Coronavirus

The headlines are scary. The uncertainty is worse. How can you manage your anxiety about the coronavirus?

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3 Levels of Stress Management

Stress is like a river with three waterfalls, representing three levels at which we can intervene. In general, the higher up-stream we address stress, the easier it is to handle.

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When Your Child Can’t Decide

Some children agonize over even small decisions. Teaching indecisive kids about myths and truths of decision-making can help them make up their minds.

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Helping Perfectionist Kids Learn to Tolerate Mistakes

Kids often hear that mistakes are part of learning. But if they have perfectionist tendencies, they don’t believe it. Here’s a way to help kids be more accepting of their mistakes.

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Teach Your Child to Ask For Help–The Right Way

Asking for help is a surprisingly complicated skill—especially for kids. Here’s how children who have a hard time asking for help can do so effectively.

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A Simple Strategy to Help Worried Kids

The more parents say, “It’s fine. Don’t worry!” the more anxious kids demand, “But what if…?” Here’s a way to help children use their imagination to manage worries.

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Helping Your Shy Child

When they’re around other kids, shy children feel like outsiders looking in. Here are ways to help your child feel more comfortable and confident in social situations.

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Lifting the Burden of Potential

“Potential” is a dangerous word.

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