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Fitting In vs Belonging: How to Tell the Difference

These questions can help you find genuine belonging.

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When Friends Have Different Family Rules for COVID-19

Differences in families’ pandemic rules create friendship challenges for kids. Here’s a way to understand those differences.

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The Danger of Telling Kids “Do Your Best”

Some kids hear “Do your best” messages as “Do the best job you can possibly imagine!” Here are some problems with that message and an alternative.

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Why Grit Is Overrated

Promoting grit as a key to success raises both practical and philosophical concerns.

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Handling Political Disagreements in the Family

It’s tempting to steer clear of political topics with loved ones who have different views, but these conversations are possible and can even be useful.

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Not All Homework Help is Helpful

Battles over correcting homework may cause more harm than good. Here are better ways to help your child with homework.

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Helping Perfectionist Kids Learn to Tolerate Mistakes

Kids often hear that mistakes are part of learning. But if they have perfectionist tendencies, they don’t believe it. Here’s a way to help kids be more accepting of their mistakes.

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Teach Your Child to Ask For Help–The Right Way

Asking for help is a surprisingly complicated skill—especially for kids. Here’s how children who have a hard time asking for help can do so effectively.

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Children’s Biggest Back-to-School Worry

This is the No. 1 concern kids have as they return to the classroom.

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Pressure to Succeed in Middle School

A new study shows that middle schoolers who think their parents value achievement over kindness are worse off psychologically and academically. How do we encourage healthy values?

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The Case Against Zero Tolerance In Schools

A recent study shows that a brief intervention encouraging teachers to respond with empathy to misbehaving students was able to reduce middle school suspension rates by half.

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The Roots of Social Justice – Kids’ Responses to Inequality

At what age can kids consider fairness to others?

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How to Make Teen Volunteer Work More Than a Resume Builder

New research explains how to inspire teens to “service beyond self.”

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Teach Your Child to Love Learning: Keys to Kids’ Motivation

Sometimes learning is just plain work, and motivation needs to come from something beyond the task.

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How can I encourage my 6-year-old’s son interest in school?

I don’t want my son to become one of those lost boys who never likes school or anything that requires sitting still for more than 5 minutes. How can I get him more excited about school and other and non-highly physical activities?

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How can I motivate my son to practice piano?

My son begged for piano lessons, but now he doesn’t want to practice. I hate that this has turned into a nightly argument!

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Time Management for Kids

Understanding time helps kids plan and prioritize–essential executive functioning skills. Here are four questions you can use to support your child’s developing sense of time.

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“Fat Letters” Are Cruel to Kids

Do “fat letters” motivate children to lose weight?

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Lifting the Burden of Potential

“Potential” is a dangerous word.

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Back to School Worries

The start of a new school year can be both exciting and scary. Here are practical ways to help your child move past back-to-school worries.

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